Vulcan subcontractor transfers workers to districts where it has no operations

Subcontratada da Vulcan transfere trabalhadores para distritos onde não tem operações

Bidvest workers denounce transfers from Tete to various districts of the country where the company has no operations, as a strategy to avoid paying compensation.

According to information provided by NewsBidvest is a company subcontracted by the Vulcan mining company to provide repair and maintenance services for air conditioning units.

Bidvest is in the process of closing down its activities since the contract with the Vulca mining company ended on March 20. In fact, the company only has offices in Maputo.

It is therefore sending workers to places where it has no operations. The idea is not to pay compensation, according to the workers, quoted by the newspaper.

"We still haven't been paid our salaries for the last month of work and they want us to hand in our badges before we receive our salaries," said one worker, noting that handing in the badges denies them access to the mines and guarantees that they will receive their salaries.

An official from the company in Maputo expressed his regret at what had happened and guaranteed that the workers would receive their salaries by April 13 (Saturday). Faustino Matias, Bidvest's supervisor, said that the workers would not be compensated because their contracts were for an indefinite period.

"The unrest must be there because the contract we had with Vulcan was below the required levels and we ended up having difficulties meeting the salary deadlines. They'll be paid and then they'll hand in their badges and be demobilized," he said.

Bidvest provided services to Vulcano for two years and did not renew the contract.

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