STAE tries to clean up its "image" and surveys officials involved in electoral misconduct

STAE tenta limpar a sua “imagem” e faz levantamento dos funcionários envolvidos em ilícitos eleitorais

The Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE) has drawn up a list of all the cases of electoral offenses committed and proven in the sixth local elections in October and the names of those involved for internal accountability measures..

The idea, according to the body, is to proceed with disciplinary proceedings, which could even involve the removal of those targeted from the state apparatus.

The instruction from the office of the director-general of STAE was issued last Wednesday, November 29, stressing that the directorates of this body must carry out the survey in order to subsequently report the electoral offenses typified in the electoral law.

Meanwhile, in addition to the facts, the office of Loló Correia, director-general of the STAE, wants the names and positions of both officials and state agents assigned to the STAE at provincial and district level and members of polling stations, who have committed electoral offenses that constitute disciplinary infractions, to be indicated.

According to the instruction, quoted by the newspaper "O País", the information should have been sent to the general directorate of STAE by Thursday, November 30.

"The aim is internal accountability, via disciplinary proceedings, which can even lead to expulsion, depending on the seriousness of the offence," said STAE spokeswoman Regina Matsinhe, emphasizing that "this measure comes after the Constitutional Council (CC) confirmed that there were indeed electoral offences in the local elections on October 11."

However, even before the CC's pronouncements, the National Electoral Commission (CNE), the body responsible for managing the electoral process in the country, had already guaranteed that it was attentive to the irregularities denounced by observers and political parties and promised to be ruthless against the agents involved in electoral illicit acts.

According to CNE spokesman Paulo Cuinica, the body would be ruthless towards its members and electoral agents involved in illicit activities, widely reported by observers and opposition parties in almost every municipality in the country.

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