Civil society suggests balanced implementation of the Sovereign Wealth Fund

Sociedade civil sugere implementação equilibrada do Fundo Soberano

Civil society organizations advocate the adoption of strategies that allow a balance between savings and consumption in the implementation of the Sovereign Fund in Mozambique, so that the revenues from the exploitation of natural resources can benefit present and future generations. 

Speaking yesterday, Wednesday (08), during the International Conference on the Sovereign Wealth Fund, Moisés Siúta, from the Institute of Social and Economic Studies (IESE) defended the need for the country to make a decision on the approach it wants to adopt in terms of creating savings or maximizing consumption at the present time.

"There's a need to strike a balance because too much saving may not be good, but too much consumption doesn't benefit the country either," added Moisés Siúta, quoted by the newspaper AIM.

For N'weti's Executive Director, Denise Namburete, it is important that the legislation uses language that is accessible to citizens so that they understand what the Sovereign Wealth Fund is. "We need to translate the language of the legislation on the Sovereign Wealth Fund into language that is more accessible to citizens so that they can understand how they can contribute, monitor and demand accountability," she said.

The conference organized by N'weti in partnership with the Civic Movement on the Sovereign Wealth Fund aims to provide a space for reflection and debate on the risks, challenges and opportunities arising from Mozambique's Sovereign Wealth Fund model.

The creation of the Sovereign Wealth Fund follows the discovery of huge natural gas reserves in the Rovuma basin in Cabo Delgado province, which put Mozambique on the list of the world's largest producers.

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