Simango Jr. says LMF should make more profits than losses at the end of each soccer season

Simango Jr. diz que a LMF deve ter mais lucros que prejuízos no final de cada época futebolística

The new president of the Mozambican Football League (LMF), Alberto Simango Júnior, advocates a sustainable institution that makes more profit than losses at the end of each soccer season.

According to Simango Júnior, who was speaking moments after taking office as the league's new president, an event that took place last Friday in Maputo, in order to make the LMF sustainable, there needs to be fervent participation from the clubs, the league's members, to embark on business management in which profit is the goal of all internal and external activities.

"The Mozambican Football League cannot continue to be a loss-making institution. We have to turn the Mozambican Football League into a profitable company," said Simango Júnior, quoted by AIM, stressing that during his leadership he will invest in the professional training of his team to manage the resources while they are active.

To this end, he reiterated that the prize money for soccer clubs in Mozambique, at the end of each season, should be increased from the current 600,000 meticais to five million meticais, for the winner of the national soccer championship, commonly known as "Moçambola". The runner-up will receive two million meticais and the third-placed club will receive one million meticais

"We believe that these prizes will motivate clubs and players to give more of themselves when they take to the pitch," he said, adding that if players dedicate themselves more to the game, the spectacle and the number of spectators will increase and, as a result, "sponsors will want to display their brands where there are lots of people on the pitch".

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