SERNIC inaugurates new Forensic Laboratory to make it easier to solve criminal cases

SERNIC inaugura novo Laboratório Forense para flexibilizar esclarecimento de casos criminais

The National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC) inaugurated a new Digital Forensic Laboratory in Maputo on Thursday (11), with the aim of making it more dynamic to solve criminal cases that are committed using computer technology.

This is an investment budgeted at 700,000 dollars, financed and executed by the Chinese government as part of its bilateral cooperation with Mozambique.

Speaking on the occasion, SERNIC's director-general, Nelson Rego, explained that with the capacity installed in computer forensics, investigators will be able to analyze digital footprints in order to identify the perpetrators of the crime, establishing the extent of the damage that will determine the collection of evidence for criminal prosecution.

"We want to guarantee that we will make good use of this equipment in our activities, particularly in the investigation and clarification of crimes committed using electronic devices," said Rego, as quoted by AIM.

Meanwhile, the Minister of the Interior, Pascoal Ronda, said that the Forensic Laboratory, which has now been inaugurated, is part of a series of measures that the Mozambican government has been implementing with a view to strengthening its capacity to respond to criminal cases that are committed using technological means.

For his part, Chinese Ambassador Wang Hejun revealed that the new laboratory includes equipment for crime scene investigation, data and laboratory analysis.

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