No salaries for three months: Nampula municipality employees threaten to paralyze all services

Sem salários há três meses: Funcionários do município de Nampula ameaçam paralisar todos serviços

Employees of the local council in the northern city of Nampula are fed up with its president, Paulo Vahanle and his hard core, and are threatening to go on strike, paralyzing all the council's services.

According to a report in the local newspaper Ikweli, the group of workers has already sent a letter to the provincial command of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM), informing them of their intention, arguing that their salaries have not been reflected in their accounts for three months, "and what's worse is that no one is giving them any satisfaction".

According to the same publication, Paulo Vahanle is accused by the municipality's employees that "since he took office as mayor of this city, he has never had a single meeting with all the workers to listen to their concerns during his term of office, which is almost eight years old", as well as the "terrible working conditions", "Most of the buildings where the various services operate have been without electricity for weeks, as is the case with the Municipal Assembly, there is a lack of work equipment such as hand rags, brooms, uniforms, gloves, protective masks and so on, which makes work difficult".

That said, on the date on which the employees propose to go on strike, December 6, all the council's services will be closed and the protagonists will have to set up in front of the headquarters of the Nampula City Council.

"The narrative of non-payment of salaries has to do with the lack of disbursement of the Municipal Compensation Fund (FCA) by the central government and does not hold water, because the Municipal Council produces its own income, but the money is used to support the unnecessary travel of the president and his restricted group of collaborators," reads the missive from the future strikers.

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