Basketball team expelled from hotel in Zimbabwe

Selecção de basquetebol expulsa de hotel no Zimbabué

The senior men's basketball team was ordered to leave a hotel in Zimbabwe last Sunday for non-payment of accommodation and food expenses.

In that country, the players are competing in the Zone VI qualifying round for Afrocan 2023. The selection had $13,000 ($90 per day for each member of the delegation) to cover all expenses until the end of the games. The 13 thousand dollars should also cover issues related to refereeing, according to the newspaper The Country.

Near the end of the qualification phase, the Mozambican delegation was charged the fees. Strangely, they did not pay them and could not even explain why they no longer had the value of the organizing committee of the event, by orientation of FIBA-Africa. With no answers, the organizing committee of the event ordered the withdrawal of the selection.

The Mozambican shame had been disguised by the intervention of the Zimbabwean government and local basketball figures who ensured the continuity of the Mozambican delegation in the hotel, including food.

According to The CountryHe questions the attitude of the Mozambican Basketball Federation in Zimbabwe.

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