Private Sector Expects Progress on Vaccination for Relief from Restrictive Measures

The Confederation of Mozambican Business Associations (CTA) is expectant with the Government's announcement of the acquisition of 11 million doses of vaccines against Covid-19, a fact that may accelerate the immunization rate and dictate relief from restrictive measures in place, including in the business sector.

At the same time, the entity expects a greater adherence to vaccination campaigns in the country, an important factor for an unrestricted resumption of activities in a context of a latent pandemic.

The approach was advocated last week by CTA president, Agostinho Vuma, at the presentation of the Business Strength Index, an instrument that evaluates the performance trends of the Mozambican business sector.

"The progress in the vaccination campaign, with the announcement of the acquisition by the Mozambican state of about 11 million Covid-19 vaccines, coupled with the efforts undertaken by the private sector, could massify access to the vaccine and reduce the health and economic impacts of the disease," Vuma said.

The business sector also points to the developments in the north, shared recently by the Head of State, Filipe Nyusi, pointing to the strengthening of actions against terrorists in Cabo Delgado, as a window of opportunity for the re-establishment of security and stability, a key condition for the resumption of natural gas projects in the Rovuma Basin.

"The latest developments in Cabo Delgado open a new window of hope for the re-establishment of security and stability in the localities affected by terrorism in the province, which will make possible a resumption of gas projects, with the positive impact that this may have on the economy," he pointed out.

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