Poultry sector guarantees availability of chickens for the festive season

Sector avícola garante disponibilidade de frangos para quadra festiva

The Mozambican Poultry Industry Association (AMIA) says it has enough stock of chickens and eggs for the upcoming festive season.

Even in the face of the avian influenza outbreak in South Africa and the associated restrictions, "we are confident in our ability to ensure the supply of chickens and eggs during this year's festive period," the Association said in a statement that MZNews had access to.

AMIA also said that it currently has a significant stock of frozen chicken in Portugal, with 1,615 tons available on the market.

"By December, we expect to have 4,935 tons of local chicken and 1,200 tons of imported chicken, in line with the food conservation model," says the AMIA document.

The organization says it continues to supply chicks and feed every day to small producers, contributing to the availability of live chickens

At industry level, producers don't expect any price increases for chicks, feed, broilers and consumer eggs until the end of this year.

"We are committed to maintaining price stability in the industry, ensuring that the population has access to quality poultry products over the festive period."

In the same document, AMIA applauds the government's efforts to reduce imports of poultry products and promote local autonomy in production. These measures, says the Association, have contributed to solid growth in the country's chicken production chain.

Between 2017 and 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's 2023 statistics bulletin shows an annual growth in chicken meat production of 11.5 %.

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