Looting in Zambezia: Officials accused of embezzling 7 million meticais  

Saque na Zambézia: Funcionários acusados de desvio de 7 milhões de meticais  

Seven million meticais is the amount allegedly embezzled by officials and individuals in the district of Namarroi in Zambézia province. The loot was made via e-sistafe.

Zambezia's provincial anti-corruption office has just opened two criminal cases against 16 citizens, including civil servants and individuals, the latter of whom were used as a vehicle for looting, according to the newspaper "O País",

Costa also said that some of the officials accused of the looting are linked to the district secretariat, infrastructure services, education, youth and technology in Namarroi in Zambezia province.

Also according to the newspaper, the embezzlement of public funds took place in 2021 and of the 16 defendants, three have been remanded in custody, with the others awaiting their release under a term of identity and residence.

According to a press release from the Office for Combating Provincial Corruption, at the time of the events, some of the defendants were public servants, held management positions and others had profiles as e-safe users.

The note goes on to say that: in order to achieve their aims, they registered employees with no technical qualifications as e-sistafe users without their knowledge, assigning them user passwords. They made transfers in favor of third parties outside the instruction, pretending to be creditors of the public institutions in question. As a result, they caused damage to the state in the amount of 7,556,200.00Mt.

The cases identified above have already been referred to the Zambezia court for further proceedings.

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