Ideal minimum wage is 40,000 meticais, according to OTM-CS

Salário mínimo ideal é de 40 mil meticais, segundo OTM-CS

The Organization of Workers of Mozambique - Central Trade Union (OTM-CS) estimates that 40,000 meticais is the ideal minimum wage to be in force in the country, just to meet the needs of the basic food basket.

"From the survey carried out by OTM, the minimum basket for a household of five people, which is normal for Mozambican families, is 40,175.00 meticais," said OTM-CS Executive Committee member Amós Matsinhe today.

According to the person in charge, this amount would only cover the basic needs of food and transportation, excluding others such as health care.

He also said that the lowest wage, negotiated with the government, covers 11% of current workers' needs, and the highest minimum covers 40% of the ideal wage.

"This demonstration can lead us to conclude that the lives of our workers are very degraded, with acute food shortages, even absolute poverty," he concluded in an interview with Radio Mozambique.

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