Find out which are the most expensive tourist destinations in the world

Saiba quais são os destinos turísticos mais caros do mundo

Planning a vacation always requires attention to the cost of living at the destination. While some prices may be quite affordable, others may exclude a particular country from the outset.

To calculate which are the most expensive destinations in the world, the Post Office Holiday Money Report took into consideration eight essential items on vacation: a full meal, beer, wine, coffee and a bottle of water. In the most affordable destinations, this "tourist pack" does not reach 100 euros. In the most expensive ones, it approaches 200.

According to the portal Eco Online, the United Arab Emirates are the most expensive destinations in the world in 2021, according to the British Post Office report. The capital, Abu Dhabi, is an island in the Persian Gulf and focuses on oil exports. World-renowned for its skyscrapers and huge shopping malls, it is the world's most expensive destination to travel to, with a ?tourist pack? valued at €185.95.

Still in the Emirates, Ras Al Khaimah is the second most expensive destination for tourists, with a cost of 165.73 euros. Closing the top 3 is Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, with a cost of 152.42 euros. Another highlight is Mahe, in the Seychelles, with a cost of 149.04 euros, and Bridgetown, in Barbados, costing 145.81 euros.

For those who don't want to spend so much money on a vacation, the most economical option for travelers is in Bulgaria. According to the Post Office Holiday Money Report, Sunny Beach is a seaside resort on the Black Sea coast, about 35 kilometers north of Burgas. Here, a full meal, beer, wine, coffee, and a bottle of water cost an average of 32.41 euros.

The second cheapest destination in the world is Marmaris, also known as the Turksana Coast in Turkey. Here, the ?tourist pack? costs about 43.49 euros. Closing the top 3 is a Portuguese destination: the Algarve, with an average cost of 51.61 euros for those eight items. Still in this ranking, the tenth cheapest destination in the world is Funchal, Madeira, with a cost of 72.63 euros.

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