Mozambican rubies reached $200 million in revenues last year

Rubis moçambicanos atingiram 200 milhões de dólares em receitas no ano passado

The revenue from rubies was about 200 million US dollars last year.

According to the Bank of Mozambique, in its recently published annual Balance of Payments (BoP) and International Investment Position (IIP) report, with this scope, rubies were one of the main traditional products exported in 2022.

The figure represents an increase of 17.6%, if compared with the year 2021, as a result of the positive results of the international auctions," revealed the report.

According to the Bank of Mozambique, the discovery in September 2022, in the province of Cabo Delgado, of a 101-carat ruby, of extreme quality worldwide, baptized with the name "Estrela Fura" (Hole Star), had a positive impact, having left a good impression on international markets.

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