RSM achieves $7.26 billion growth

RSM atinge um crescimento de 7,26 biliões de dólares

At the global level, RSM, one of the world's largest organizations specializing in providing audit and consulting services, has reached $7.26 billion in 2021 growth. An increase of 15.8% from the $6.3 billion recorded in the previous year. 

The growing demand for RSM's services has resulted in 40 new offices worldwide and an expanding global team of more than 51,000 employees. This seventh consecutive year of strong growth is due to the enormous dedication, commitment and proactivity of all our employees in helping our clients move forward," said Paulo Lopes, General Manager of RSM Mozambique, in an interview with MZNews.

At the African continent level, the MSR managed to achieve 15% growth despite the problems and difficulties caused by the pandemic.

Lopes also says that ?each organization, Firm, RSM in each country, tries to do its best so that it can reach its clients, which are companies, organizations, in order to improve and help them move forward and have more capacity to act in their markets?

For the director of RSM Mozambique, the strategy of the multinational RSM, was to understand the best opportunities, define a path and then act. ?and that is what we did in a number of areas, which is to understand this whole context (covid-19) as an opportunity to move forward and we obviously challenged our customers to do that. This is a joint effort, global? adds the responsible of RSM in Mozambique.

Regarding the weight of the Mozambican market, in the global context of the RSM, Lopes, although he assumes that it is still a tiny market, says that it had a growth contribution around 12%.

Going to the numbers, the company invoiced more than one million dollars, ?reaching halfway the two million dollars?, confides the responsible. In this sense we are very satisfied, and compared to other regions, we can say that it was one of the countries that also grew the most," he says.

In means, the crisis that many companies are going through due to the pandemic caused by Covid 19, RSM Mozambique has been investing in training human resources. We have here a very big focus on our teams, our professionals, giving them conditions in terms of training, working conditions (?) to somehow respond to all this ? explains in conversation with our report.  

The Crisis also served to create new areas, and redesign the RSM team. ?it was a very positive year and very rich in that sense? says the responsible with some satisfaction. Note that RSM operates in the Mozambican market for 6 years. It has approximately 40 employees and 90% of its client portfolio is international. And because they are international clients, they have international standards. Therefore, they demand from us the ability to respond and hence the need to invest in our teams in terms of appropriate training? he says.

One of the big focuses in your field has been management consulting. Yes, we have been helping organizations to improve their internal management processes. Helping our managers to be leaders, to be able to work with and respect their teams. To work as true leaders who motivate their teams," he says, adding that ?this is essential within the consulting area so that a gradual and strong change can come towards the organization's goals?

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