Restoration of degraded areas needs 700 million meticais

Restauração de áreas degradadas precisa de 700 milhões de meticais

The Ministry of Land and Environment is concerned about the level of deforestation in the country.

The situation is due to the fact that many Mozambican families have forest resources as a source of income.

To this end, Mozambique needs more than 700 million meticals to restore degraded areas of the country by 2030.

The head of the Forest Management department at the Ministry of Land and Environment, Carmen Baptista explained to Radio Mozambique that the sector has been developing activities that stimulate the preservation of conservation areas.

Speaking this weekend, on the sidelines of the Fifth Annual Meeting on Forest Landscape Restoration in Africa, Carmen Baptista explains that there is a need to empower communities in the management of conservation areas.

The Land and Environment sector wants to restore about 464,000 hectares of degraded land by 2030.

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