Renamo refuses to receive resignation letters from party members

Renamo recusa receber cartas de renúncia de membros do partido

The Renamo party is losing members in stages, all over the country. Among the most notable departures are the former mayor of Nacala in the city of Nampula, Raúl Novinte, and Afonso Dhlakama's son, Bilay Sulay Dhlakama.

The numbers of those who have given up their Renamo beliefs to join other parties are still unknown. Raúl Novinte and Bilaly Sulay Dhlakama left Renamo to join the Democratic Alliance Coalition. So did Joel Amaral, known for writing the song "Tru fá fá".

Bilay Sulay is the CAD party's leading candidate for the Assembly of the Republic in the Sofala province constituency.

These positions somehow motivated other Renamo members and sympathizers to leave the party.

MZNews has learned that some Renamo delegations are refusing to receive letters of resignation from members. In addition to the letters, members are disposing of symbolic Renamo items such as membership cards and T-shirts.

In the city of Matola, more than 30 Renamo members were unable to submit their resignation documents in two delegations, Liberdade and Infulene, in the Green Zone. The situation has been going on since May,

In Tete province this Friday, more than 45 Renano members who wanted to submit letters of resignation were unable to do so because the Renamo office was closed.

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