Renamo says it ?will not recognize voter registration? without ?correction of irregularities?

Renamo diz que ?não vai reconhecer recenseamento eleitoral?, sem ?correção de irregularidades?

Renamo, the main opposition party, said today that it "will not recognize the registration results" for the October 11 local elections if there is no "immediate correction" of irregularities in the voter register. 

What is happening with this census is an organised disorganisation. That is why Renamo will not recognize the results of this census, unless the gross irregularities are immediately corrected," said Viana Magalhães, head of the Renamo parliamentary bench.

Magalhães was speaking during the closing speech of the seventh session of the ninth legislature of the Mozambican parliament.

We demand the immediate correction of the irregularities and the extension of registration for another 30 days, so that every citizen with active electoral capacity residing within the radius of the respective municipality can register on the electoral roll," he emphasized.

The head of the main opposition party's bench accused the electoral bodies of favoring the registration of voters who are members of the ruling Frelimo party, and of not holding officials involved in electoral crimes accountable.

Viana Magalhães did not clarify whether the non-recognition of the result of the voter registration will imply a boycott of the next local elections by his party.

Voter registration ends next June 3rd and foresees the registration of about 10 million voters in the country's 65 municipalities. (Lusa)

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