Structural reforms improve public finance management

Reformas estruturais melhoram gestão das finanças públicas

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Max Tonela, believes that the implementation of reforms within the framework of IMF technical assistance has improved the management of public finances in recent years in the country.

He made this assessment in Maputo, during a seminar to take stock of technical assistance and institutional capacity building for the Mozambican government.

The event brought together the International Monetary Fund, cooperation partners, senior staff from the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Bank of Mozambique.

The aim of the event was to reflect on the main advances in improving the management of public affairs and the Central Bank's operational framework in recent years and to consolidate the gains made.

Quoted by Notícias, Tonela stressed the need for continued deepening of reforms, with emphasis on macroeconomic stability, strengthening governance, improving transparency and public debt management, so that the country can be in a better position to manage risks and face up to existing challenges.

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