Aga Khan Network donates material to fight pandemic in Cabo Delgado

Rede Aga Khan doa material para combater pandemia em Cabo Delgado

The Aga Khan Foundation has made available this Tuesday medical-surgical and laboratory equipment to combat covid-19 in Cabo Delgado province, north of the country, valued at around three million meticais, financed by the Government of Canada.

The material donated by the foundation consists, among others, of masks, mattresses, gloves, hygiene and sampling material, according to Rahim Bangy, regional director of the Aga Khan, who was speaking during the donation ceremony.

"We believe that this delivery will strengthen the health system here in Cabo Delgado province. At a time when we are going through the third wave of the covid-19 pandemic, this delivery is essential. It is important that we all continue to work together," Rahim Bangy said.

For the health sector in Cabo Delgado, the donation will contribute to reinforce the needs of the province's districts to combat the new coronavirus, which has forced a greater demand for medical supplies.

"We have 17 districts and right now we have big challenges. We have been met by covid-19 and our demand for consumption of this material is much higher than what we are used to," said Anastacia Lidimba, director of the provincial health services.   

The Aga Khan Foundation has been in Mozambique since 2001, developing and supporting initiatives in sectors such as agriculture and food security, health, nutrition, and education.

Mozambique is experiencing an accelerated increase in the number of cases, deaths, and hospitalizations due to the third wave of the disease in the country, a situation that is putting pressure on the health system, leading authorities to warn of a possible exhaustion of hospitalization capacity.

In July alone, when the third wave of the new coronavirus was declared, Mozambique recorded 556 deaths, 45,624 new cases, and 1,953 hospitalizations.

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