Kidnappings and Terrorism: PGR detects weaknesses in concerted efforts

Raptos e Terrorismo: PGR detecta fragilidades na concertação de esforços

The Attorney General's Office (PGR) has found weaknesses in the country's fight against kidnapping and terrorism.

Citing a PGR document, the News says that on Wednesday, the Attorney General, Beatriz Buchili, will point to weak international cooperation as one of the weaknesses against kidnappings in her annual report.

In this regard, the PGR advocates seeking legal and judicial cooperation mechanisms with other countries with objective and subjective connections to this type of crime.

The PGR says that poor cooperation with South Africa, where some kidnappings in Mozambique are allegedly orchestrated, has resulted in a lack of response to 20 requests for extradition and mutual legal assistance for over a year.

Regarding the control of terrorists, he found weaknesses in state institutions that encourage suspicious citizens to enter and stay in Mozambique.

The PGR has come across weaknesses in the allocation of identity cards to asylum seekers, which hampers the control and mapping of refugees registered with the National Institute for Refugee Support (INAR). The PGR believes that it is necessary to fine-tune the machinery for controlling refugees in the country.

Weaknesses were detected in the supply of national IDs and passports using false birth certificates, often with the intervention of civil servants in the fraud.

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