Want to find a job on Linkedin? These tips will help you get the success you want

Quer encontrar emprego no Linkedin? Estas dicas vão ajudá-lo a ter o sucesso desejado

linkedin is a social network focused on business, more specifically the labor market. It allows networking among professionals, sharing and discussing ideas, publicizing projects, and also job opportunities. 

At a time when social networks are becoming an essential part of our lives, why not use them in a smart and productive way? In the case of LinkedIn, you have a great possibility to use your profile to publicize your Curriculum Vitae (CV), to make yourself known as a professional and also to establish contact with possible partners or employers.

If you already have Linkedin or are considering joining this professional network, the Ekonomist website shares some advice that will help you find the job you want.

1. keep the profile always updated

Having a profile with outdated information will give a bad image of you as a professional. If a recruiter accesses your profile, he/she will want to have access to the latest "news" about your professional life, to know what you are doing professionally, what skills you have been developing and acquiring.

2. Be original

Be original in the content of your profile and avoid using in linkedIn the same information you have in your CV. The main objective in this network is to give a broader view of your professional profile.

3. Have a professional photo

The photo is one of the most important parts of our profile, as it is one of the first things the employer sees when recruiting. You should make sure it shows your most professional side.

4. Pay attention to the professional title

This, along with your photo is your "business card. Here you should put relevant information about yourself - namely your current job or position and key responsibilities. But you should - in a nutshell - be able to put something here that will arouse the curiosity of employers ("clickable" information) and highlight your experience.

5. Use good keywords

To ensure that your profile is seen by the companies and employers you want, it is essential to use good keywords, related to your area of work. It is these words that will make you appear in search results. Or put another way, using the right keywords will make the difference between appearing in the results or being invisible.

6. Make a good description in the abstract

In the summary you can expand a bit more. Here you can "unleash" your creativity to talk about yourself, about what distinguishes you from others, and about your goals. But be careful, no extremely long texts. The idea is that you capture the recruiter's attention so that he/she remains interested in visiting the rest of your profile.

7. Customize the profile URL

This will simplify how you search for your profile. It is very simple to search for a URL if it is something like https://pt.linkedin.com/in/XXXXX than https://www.linkedin.com/in/HJAGHAGGHAHJ?pt_BR&srchid=558826361456217961151..., for example - the links are merely examples.

In addition, a custom URL makes your profile more easily visible when they search for your name.

8. Have recommendations

Whenever possible, add recommendations from former employers. It can be a good help in legitimizing you as a professional in a particular field.

9. Share your own contacts

Always keep this in mind, the more information you include in your LinkedIn profile, the more chances you will have of finding a job. Upload presentations, photos, videos or other work you have done, for example, and share websites that showcase your work.

10. Share articles on linkedin
Writing articles (as long as they are professional and relevant) and sharing them on the web is a way to gain more visibility and get the attention of new and potential followers, who may very well be potential employers.

11. Be active

Use LinkedIn to interact with other people. You can follow companies, join groups and share interesting information.

12. Make your profile public

Let other users see your information. Always keep in mind that this is a professional network, so here you will share only and only information about your career path, your skills.

13. Have the profile in different languages

We live in an increasingly global world where remote work is gaining ground. So don't neglect to get noticed by international employers.

14. Invest in the training offered by linkedin itself

In partnership with Microsoft, linkedin currently offers about a hundred free courses to impart skills for those who need to prepare for the post-pandemic job market.

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