Festive Season: tourist resorts in Inhambane are already almost overbooked

Quadra Festiva: Estâncias turísticas em Inhambane já estão quase superlotadas

Most of the tourist resorts operating in Inhambane province already have an occupancy rate of over 95%, as a result of the increase in the number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting this part of the country for the festive season.

The provincial director of Culture and Tourism in Inhambane, Emídio Nhantumbo, said on Wednesday that some tour operators in the Vilankulo and Inhassoro districts, including the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park, have already sold out.

Quoted by the newspaper Notícias, Nhantumbo said that Inhambane expects to receive more than 100,000 tourists from various parts of the country and the world, with the aim of enjoying the existing tourist potential, an unusual movement that comes two years after the economy went into total hibernation because of the Covid-19 pandemic that paralyzed the world.

Of the 100,000 tourists expected, around 50% are nationals and the rest are mostly South Africans, Portuguese, Americans, Zimbabweans, among other nationalities.

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