Puma Energy supports rescue operations for flood victims in Mozambique

Puma Energy apoia operações de resgate às vítimas das cheias em Moçambique

Puma Energy Moçambique has been supporting the rescue operations of flood victims in the south of Mozambique by donating fuel and lubricants for vessels and vehicles involved in the rescue of the most affected populations.

The company has been articulating this aid in partnership with the brand's dealer located in Matola-Rio, due to its proximity to Boane, one of the areas most affected by the heavy rainfall that has occurred in recent weeks.

Mozambique is going through the rainy season and the heavy rainfall that was felt mainly affected the populations in the south of the country, leaving behind a trail of destruction with thousands of displaced people and dozens of fatalities, according to government data. Official information also states that more than 15,000 people who were in critical areas have been rescued.

Puma Energy could not remain indifferent to the dramatic situation that many Mozambican families are going through at this time due to the floods," says Danilo Correia, General Director of Puma Energy Mozambique.

We are aware that the availability of fuel is essential for the rescue operations to take place as quickly as possible on the ground, so we have shown solidarity from the first hour," said the same official.

This initiative fits in with Puma Energy's values, within the brand's human spirit and mission to work with and support the communities where it operates.

By providing fuel and lubricants for the relief operations and as a responsible company committed to Mozambique, Puma Energy Mozambique's objective was to help minimize, as much as possible, the impacts of this disaster on the affected populations.  

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