Gaza province projects recovery in wheat production

Província de Gaza projecta retoma da produção de trigo

The Lower Limpopo Irrigation Scheme, in the town of Xai-Xai in Gaza, will revive wheat farming, which had been discontinued in the province for around 50 years.

According to the governor of that province, Margarida Mapanzene, the first sowing should start soon, as a result of cooperation with the Chinese company Wambao, which also grows rice in the Xai-Xai irrigated area.

Quoted by Terra MagazineMapanzene believes that the reintroduction of cereal cultivation is a response to demand at national level, which is largely dependent on imports.

It should be noted that with the reintroduction in sight, Gaza will join the provinces of Manica and Niassa, which also grow wheat, albeit in very small quantities.

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