PRM suggests that "Cebolinha" died of cold and criticizes his family for not bringing a blanket

The Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) claim that the dancer "Cebolinha" lost his life on Friday (21), a victim of natural causes, contrary to initial reports that the cause of death was internal bleeding caused by police aggression in the cells of the 3rd Police Station in Maputo City.

"There was no sign of aggression, what we are aware of is that it was a natural death," writes the newspaper Evidências, quoting the PRM spokesman in Maputo City, Leonel Muchina.

The young man was reportedly taken to the police station following an altercation on Thursday (20) with an employee of a bar selling alcoholic beverages in the Malhangalene neighborhood. He had gone to the bar at the behest of his father to collect a debt of 50,000 meticais. It was the second time he had gone to the business for the same purpose. The first time was the previous Tuesday, July 18th. It is alleged that on that day (18) he made a coercive collection that culminated in a case being opened at the 3rd Police Station of the PRM in Maputo City. The police were already looking for him and, when they heard about his second attack (on Thursday, the day he allegedly made threats), they soon arrived at the shop and arrested him. Cebolinha did not offer any resistance and walked to the police station, reports Evidências.

Strangely, according to Leonel Muchina, when the cells were opened at 6am on Friday, it was noticed that the young man was feeling unwell.

"Our colleague on duty immediately called for a police vehicle to take the young man to hospital, but at that very moment he lost his life after strong convulsions. We suspect that it was a natural death precipitated by the low temperature on that Friday and the young man was even weakened by the consumption of drugs," said the PRM spokesman, stressing that only the medical report will be able to determine the real cause of Cebolinha's death.

The spokesman clarified that the police had no need to use force against the citizen because he had confessed to the charges against him.

Ignoring the state's responsibility for the terrible prison conditions in the world, Muchina says that he is surprised that even with the cold that was felt last Friday in Maputo City, the family of the deceased young man didn't at least take some blankets for him, reads the newspaper.

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