PR attends International Conference on AIDS in Africa

PR participa na Conferência Internacional sobre SIDA em África

The President of the Republic, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, is taking part today in Harare, Republic of Zimbabwe, in the 22nd International Conference on AIDS in Africa.

The conference aims to reflect on strategies to combat HIV-AIDS in Africa, address, prevent and eliminate mother-to-child transmission and preventable childhood infections across the continent.

Africa continues to be the continent most affected by the disease, and it is hoped that the meeting, which is taking place for the second time in Zimbabwe, will produce tangible results with a view to reducing infection rates.

The meeting takes place a few days after World AIDS Day.

On this trip, the Mozambican Head of State will be accompanied by the Minister of Health Armindo Tiago, officials from the Presidency of the Republic and other individuals.

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