PR says social upheavals are normal in processes of change

PR diz que convulsões sociais são normais em processos de mudanças

The President of the Republic says that the political crisis in Guinea-Bissau is normal for a country undergoing political, economic and social reform and that no country is exempt.

Filipe Nyusi was speaking at a banquet hosted by his Guinea-Bissau counterpart last Wednesday.

"No process of political reform, democratic consolidation and economic modernization is free of difficulties and obstacles. Mozambique and Mozambicans are the first to know because they have already experienced this. Democratic processes are never endless, they always require improvement and we encourage the people that we must always move forward together," said Filipe Nyusi, quoted by "O País".

However, Nyusi called on his counterpart to take inspiration from some democratic processes in Mozambique.

"I was pleased to hear from Mr. President that Parliament will hold a session to explain the processes of democracy, including Parliament. This is our goal here, contact and communication so that together we can share experiences and see what can be done better or even corrected."

With regard to the weak economic cooperation between the two countries, Nyusi wants to move from paper to practice, especially in the area of peace.
"Starting with the consolidation of peace and democracy, institutional capacity building and reform in the defense and security sector. It will be a source of great satisfaction for us to soon witness the positive results of our joint efforts, which could be reflected in the growth of our economies and, consequently, in the improvement of our citizens' living conditions."

Visibly satisfied with the visit, the Guinean head of state says he is aware of the challenges of governance, but is counting on the country to overcome them.

"I look forward to this state visit with the highest expectations and I believe that it will result in our common determination to strengthen the ties of cooperation between Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique," said the President. (O País)

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