Port of Maputo to invest 15 million dollars in social responsibility projects

Porto de Maputo vai investir 15 milhões de dólares em projectos de responsabilidade social

Sociedade de Desenvolvimento do Porto de Maputo (MPDC) will invest 15 million dollars in social responsibility projects, revealed the Director General, Osório Lucas.

As he recently explained in a meeting with journalists, this is an investment in addition to the new addendum to the Port of Maputo concessionvalued at just over 2.6 billion US dollars.

"In this investment that we are going to make, we have made a commitment to the state to also make social investments. We are contributing to the rehabilitation of the Kanyaka district jetty, [including the purchase of a new boat]. We have the rehabilitation of the quay bridge on the Maputo side, on the KaTembe side; as well as the rehabilitation of the Nautical School in Robert Mugabe Square," said Osório Lucas.

O launch of the public tender to select the company The project to build a quay bridge on KaNyaka Island in Maputo City took place on January 29 of this year. On that occasion, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Mateus Magala, said that work would begin three months ago. He had already guaranteed the start and completion of the project in 2024.

The Director General of the Port of Maputo said that the evaluation of the proposals would at least be completed by March.

"Even before the signing, we developed the project, launched the tender in partnership with the state, through the Transport and Communications Fund, and we think that by the end of March the process of evaluating the proposals should be completed. This project should also start this year," he said.

This project, according to the Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, Amilton Alissone, included the acquisition of the second vessel for passenger transportation to link Maputo city to Kanyaka Island.

According to Alissone, who was speaking at the signing of the new addendum to the Port of Maputo concessionThe new vessel will provide "greater convenience for local residents, and will stimulate tourism, trade in the region, socio-economic development and job opportunities".

He added that social investments include the rehabilitation of the KaTembe Nautical Center and the construction of a shipyard.

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