Port of Maputo to increase volume of cargo handled with billion-dollar investment

Porto de Maputo deve aumentar volume carga manuseada com investimento bilionário

The Minister of Transport and Communications, Mateus Magala, recently revealed in Moamba that the Port of Maputo is expected to increase the volume of cargo handled by around 15 million tons per year.

According to Notícias, the current volume of cargo is 32 million tons, which, with the increase, should rise to 57 million tons.

Sociedade de Desenvolvimento do Porto de Maputo is also working to increase its container handling capacity from the current 270,000 to one million, according to the newspaper.

This is a prospect that results from an investment of more than two billion dollars and a direct return of more than eight billion dollars in favor of the state, within the 25-year extension of the concession contract with the Port of Maputo management entity.

The Port of Maputo closed last year with 26.7 million tons, and is expected to close this year with 30 million tons, according to Osório Lucas, the Executive Director of the Port of Maputo.

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