Police with dogs and armored cars prevent tribute to Azagaia

Polícia com cães e blindados impedem homenagem a Azagaia

A military contingent is currently positioned on Eduardo Mondlane Avenue in Maputo City, near the statue, to prevent a peaceful march in honor of the Mozambican social intervention rapper Azagaia, who died a week ago in Maputo from an illness.

Mozambican police are dispersing with tear gas a march in Maputo in homage to the social intervention rapper Azagaia, who died a week ago from an illness.

Hundreds of people began to gather in the early hours of the morning, but were prevented from marching in the Mozambican capital.

"The same people who authorized us" to march, gave "superior orders" to the police to attack the participants, said Quitéria Guirrengane, one of the organizers.

Since 8am, a sequence has been repeated: participants join in chanting Azagaia songs and the police, armed with a canine force and armored vehicles, fire tear gas at the groups, forcing them to flee.

Then they gather on another corner and the situation repeats itself.

The gas has been fired between passers-by and cars in the city center - which sometimes come under the gas - in the vicinity of the statue of Eduardo Mondlane, on the avenue of the same name.

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