"The powers of the President of the Republic limit the independence of the organs of sovereignty," - Renamo

“Poderes do Presidente da República limitam a independência dos órgãos de soberania”, – Renamo

Renamo's parliamentary group disputes the powers granted to the President of the Republic by the Constitution, claiming that they are excessive, as they end up limiting the independence of some sovereign bodies.

The position of the largest opposition party was expressed this Thursday by the head of the parliamentary bench, Viana Magalhães, during the closing ceremony of the 8th ordinary session of the Assembly of the Republic (AR), stressing that the separation of powers in Mozambique is still "a mere utopia".

"The exercise of the powers of the President of the Republic to appoint the President of the Constitutional Council, President of the Supreme Court, President of the Administrative Court, Attorney General of the Republic, Commander General of the Police, Chief of the General Staff, Ombudsman, rectors of public universities, secretaries of state, and much more, there is no way we can have an independent rule of law," said Magalhães, quoted by AIM.

For the head of Renamo's caucus, the absence of democracy means the absence of food and peace for all. "Where there is no democracy, fear, gossip and corruption prevail."

He pointed out that the lack of overtime pay for teachers also compromises quality across the country.

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