Pernod Ricard Mozambique withdraws more than 700 kilograms of waste from the Environment

Pernod Ricard Moçambique retira mais de 700 quilos de resíduos do Ambiente

Contributing to the reduction of solid residues through an operation of garbage collection, promoting sustainable principles in favor of the development of selective recycling, conducting awareness days for the conservation of the environment, were the main activities promoted in the ?Responsib?All Day? of Pernod Ricard Mozambique, an initiative of the group that aims at sharing ecological values and practices, in the light of social responsibility.

Aware that pollution has caused irreversible damage to ecosystems, leaving them more vulnerable and contributing to the loss of biodiversity, the campaign under the slogan "Responsib?All Day", took place in the district of Marracuene, through the "Operation Collection of Shards and Glass" and was part of the celebrations of June 5th, World Environment Day. With this gesture, more than 700 kilos of diverse waste were collected, from glass (30 bags), pet bottles (10 bags), disposable masks (one bag), plastic, among other diverse solid waste (40 bags). Following the action, the waste was destined to recycling entities in order to contribute to the expansion of sustainable projects.

Present at the event, the General Manager of Pernod Ricard Mozambique, Francisco Júnior, mentioned that ?one of the aspects that we have taken into account is the environmental issue, we are signatories of the United Nations, specifically, the Sustainable Development Goals focusing on the environmental area. Today is the day when Pernod Ricard's 18 thousand employees worldwide donate their day to environmental dedication, contributing to give back a positive impact in the community?

We are aware that the environmental problem cannot be solved in just one day, however we understand that it is possible if everyone does their part, we want to cover the footprints we leave and at the same time pass on a message of responsibility with a focus on the circular economy, recycling in the light of environmental standards, encouraging the solidification of a legacy for the future? he added.

For its part, the District Planning and Infrastructure Services, in the person of Sergio Sumbane, said ?at the level of government institutions, we favor impact groups and key players for actions of this nature, since it is from these segments with influence that we can pass messages urging our community to take deep responsibility in the management of solid waste?

?The sanitation component is crucial, we want more than to promote a clean-up day, we want to promote behavior change and environmental awareness. Looking at the brands that Pernod Ricard offers, if you want, anyone can choose either Jameson or Chivas, but with the planet that doesn't happen, we have only one and only one.

The initiative by Pernod Ricard Mozambique, comes in partnership with the Repensar Environmental Education Cooperative, which has been dedicated to environmentally educational initiatives, promoting a new and innovative environmental paradigm.

In the same vein, Repensar's Environmental Educator, Clausênsio Ngovene, added ?All the waste we produce and dispose of improperly causes damage, we want to develop more actions of education and environmental awareness from theoretical to practical, we hope that these will reduce the amount of solid waste in the environment and the impact they cause. More than collecting garbage we give a new destination to our collections?

The program culminated with the placement of an ecopoint in the district of Marracuene for the collection of solid waste, capable of responding to the demand that is registered in that specific point and it is also hoped that it will contribute in the management of garbage in that district that has witnessed in recent times a significant expansion of inhabitants.

The day was attended by over 150 Pernod Ricard volunteers, members of the Repensar Environmental Education Cooperative, members of the District Government, Facilita Marracuene, residents of the Marracuene district, and the general public.

It should be mentioned that Responsib'All Day is an initiative carried out by the parent group, implemented in 86 countries where the Pernod Ricard Group operates.

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