Paralysis of passenger train circulation worsens the cost of living in Niassa

Paralisação da circulação de comboios de passageiros agrava custo de vida no Niassa

The paralysis of passenger and cargo train circulation on the Lichinga-Cuamba and Cuamba-Entre-Lago extensions worsens the cost of living of the population in Niassa.

On both Branches, the train has not run since the first week of December last year.

According to Rádio Moçambique, at this moment, for example, a 25-kilogram sack of rice costs 1,800 meticais against 1,500 previously, five liters of refined oil are sold at 800 meticais against 508 previously, soap has increased from forty to seventy meticais a bar, a kilogram of brown sugar costs seventy-five against sixty previously.

The situation worries the population of that province, who add that the current prices of basic necessities exceed the financial capacities of families.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of State in Niassa Province, Dinis Vilanculos, clarified that the circulation of trains in the Lichinga-Cuamba and Cuamba-Mecanhelas branches was paralyzed due to a breakdown of the locomotive and the carriages' cold system.

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