Opposition prepares electoral coalition to remove Frelimo from power

Oposição prepara coligação eleitoral para tirar a Frelimo do poder

The idea of an alliance between the opposition parties in Mozambique to confront Frelimo, the party that has ruled the country since national independence, is gaining strength. The upcoming municipal elections will serve as a test for this possible alliance.

In fact, according to DW, both Renamo and MDM have confirmed that there are talks in this direction, although they do not reveal who they have been talking to.

The President of the Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM), Lutero Simango, announced a few days ago the willingness of his party to enter into coalition with "any civil society organization or individual".

"Right now we are waiting for the reaction of the others to see if the single front can effectively happen," revealed Simango.

I mentioned that the leaderships of RENAMO and MDM met last year to discuss the creation of a platform of understanding aimed at boosting the opposition in the upcoming electoral cycle. However, so far, it is unclear whether the two parties will come together.

"We will evaluate the results of a possible coalition in the municipal elections and only then will it be defined whether it is worth continuing with this model for the general elections or not," concludes the MDM leader.

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