Looking at Chongoene Airport as a business hub

Olhar o aeroporto de Chongoene como um pólo de negócios

Chongoene Administrator Artur Macamo urges young people in the district to look at the local airport as a hub for business development.

The responsible maintains optimism in a prosperous future as the infrastructure is receiving more and more businessmen and tourists.

Macamo said that the enterprise has increased the number of weekly flights to two, in addition to receiving South African and Zimbabwean tourists on private flights.

For the administrator, this is due to the ease of mobility of businessmen and visitors and the rapid development of the local extractive industry.

It is an infrastructure that guarantees speed, dynamic travel, allowing the connection of Gaza and other regions of the country and the southern region [of Africa]? said Macamo, quoted by Notícias.

The person in charge believes in an increase in air traffic at the airport when the megaprojects reach their operating peak. But for now, the biggest challenge is to turn the infrastructure into a link between undertakings in the areas of agriculture, infrastructure, commerce, telecommunications, logistics, hotels, and entertainment.

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