"Our country is going through a crisis, but the rest of us aren't scared," says Armando Guebuza

“O nosso país vive uma crise, mas nós outros não nos assustamos”, diz Armando Guebuza

The former President of the Republic of Mozambique, Armando Guebuza, recognizes that the country is going through difficult times, but that these are not reasons for concern.

"Our country is going through a crisis. But for the rest of us, who have lived through critical times over the last few decades, we're not scared," said the former head of state, quoted by the Savannah portal.

According to Guebuza, who was speaking in the town of Ndixe, administrative post of Matalane, Marracuene district, in Maputo province, despite the circumstances, the Mozambican people must not lose heart.

In his view, Mozambicans must do everything in their power to overcome this crisis, "with the clear aim of coming out of these critical moments more united, strengthened and with more experience", which will serve "to avoid new crises".

"I would like to add my voice to that of other Mozambicans, to say that this is not the time to be discouraged, but rather to say, 'we must leave here stronger as a country, as a nation, but also as a society'. From here we must leave more knowledgeable, given the experience we are having at the moment, and from here we must take our children to levels where they don't have to witness or live through this type of crisis again, because crises also have to change; we have to learn from them so as not to repeat them," he said.

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