The Caifadine Manasse affair: ?From the rise to the fall of a politician who had everything and everyone in his hands?

O caso Caifadine Manasse: ?Da Ascensão à queda de um político que teve tudo e todos nas mãos?

The Provincial Committee of Frelimo Party in Zambezia, meeting in session in the city of Quelimane, last Monday (20), decided unanimously at 8 pm, the expulsion of the deputy, former Secretary for mobilization and propaganda and spokesman of the Party at national level, Caifadine Paulo Manasse.

Manasse is accused of lack of secrecy regarding matters concerning the life of the party and its leaders, non-payment of quotas in the constituency, incitement to violence, incrimination of his colleagues in the notorious scandal of drug trafficking through the Port of Macuse, which strangely, one of the detainees is his cousin. Meanwhile, the sentence will be decreed at the meeting of the Frelimo Party Central Committee on March 24-25.

Therefore, this may be the culmination of a battlefield that has been going on since 2017, as evidenced by a news story published on March 20, 2017, by the Zambezia Daily, in its edition number 2423, with the title "The two bandits within Frelimo? where on the occasion appeared the photos of the current 1st Vice President of the Assembly of the Republic (AR), Hélder Injojojo and on the other side Caifadine Manasse, the excluded from the party and government banquet.

At the time, at stake was the election of the new first secretary of the Frelimo Party in Zambezia, a process that stirred and activated wings in the Frelimo Party, with the two figures being called bandits by their supporters. However, the dispute ended up having an unexpected outcome with the downfall of the deputy Caifadine Manasse, who, during the period in which he served as spokesperson for the Frelimo Party, activated the ?team repolho? that through social networks insulted and threatened critical figures to the government of the day and independent investigative journalists.

Another detail, according to us, is that during the period when Caifadine Manasse was holding a plate at the big table of the partidão at the Zambezian level, he didn't let anyone do and touch the interests that supposedly benefited everyone in the districts where the projects were to be executed. Furthermore, they were referred to other places without any tangible explanation.

However, this seems to be the downfall of a man who rose ?in a foggy context? and today seems to have been left behind when the helicopter rope burst in the middle of a mission to rescue the muddy image of the Party internally and externally, due to several scandals, among them: the increase of drug trafficking in the country, the violent repression against citizens, activists, opposition politicians and independent journalists, the rampant increase in the cost of living, social exclusion, the manipulation of statistics, among other cases. (Integrity Text)

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