Nyusi calls on politicians to avoid "instrumentalization and violence" during the electoral process

Nyusi reitera apelo aos políticos para que evitem ?instrumentalização e violência? durante o processo eleitoral

The President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, called yesterday for political actors to avoid using people for violence during the local elections on October 11, reiterating calls for a peaceful ballot.

Filipe Nyusi was speaking in the district of Kamavota, after the inauguration of two judicial courts in the suburbs of the country's capital.

We are faced [in electoral processes] with the abuse of fundamental freedoms. Citizens who don't know what their limits and duties are are easily manipulated by people who want to achieve power," said Filipe Nyusi, quoted by Lusa.

The Mozambican head of state pointed to the overlapping or destruction of electoral material and conflict between supporters as some of the problems tainting the polls in Mozambique, calling for political parties to respect electoral bodies.

?that in the process of our democracy and decentralization, our elections are orderly and peaceful. We want to be a country that respects democratically elected institutions and where democracy is rooted in our political culture," observed Filipe Nyusi.

The President of the Republic called on political parties to be guided by peace and good faith, avoiding violence during the current electoral campaign.

Political party activists should refrain from acts such as "obstructing the caravans of other parties and acts of confrontation" and report electoral offenses to the judicial bodies, he said.

Elections are always a time of celebration. I'm carrying the message of peace and harmony (?) in a country that needs peace, especially at a time when we have other opposing forces," he added.

When judging, the district courts [which are the first instance of electoral disputes] must respect the principles of neutrality and transparency," said the Mozambican head of state.

More than 11,500 candidates from 11 political parties, three coalitions of parties and eight citizens' groups are campaigning for the October 11 municipal elections, amid calls for a peaceful process.

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