New law could force Facebook and Instagram to shut down in Europe

Nova lei pode obrigar Facebook e Instagram a encerrar na Europa

The company responsible for Facebook and Instagram, Meta, may close the two social networks in the European Union (EU). The information is advanced by Noticias ao Minuto.

At issue is a new EU law that requires the data of European citizens to be processed on servers within the territory, whereas currently this data is processed both in Europe and in North America. This data processing in both territories takes place for the purposes of advertising targeting.

In a report filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Meta's Vice President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg notes that this legislation could force the company to stop offering Facebook and Instagram in the EU if this data cannot be processed in Europe.

The executive emphasizes that if this happens, the absence of Facebook and Instagram would be detrimental to the existence of various businesses and companies.

"While lawmakers are working towards a long-term, sustainable solution, we urge regulators to take a proportionate and pragmatic approach to minimize disruption to the many thousands of companies that, like Facebook, have relied on these mechanisms to securely transfer data in good faith."

Source: News to the Minute

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