Nigeria: 17-year-old creates smart glasses to improve the lives of the visually impaired

Nigéria: Jovem de 17 anos cria óculos inteligentes para melhorar a vida de deficientes visuais

A 17-year-old Nigerian has developed a tool to help people with vision difficulties.

These are glasses with sensors capable of detecting movement and obstacles using infrared waves, according to the publication "Planeta", consulted by MZNews.

With these glasses, the visually impaired can get around without needing a cane.

"When someone or something approaches (...), the sensors detect the movement and activate the alarm system (...) so that others are aware. This is how blind people can get around more safely," explains Khalifa Aminu, the inventor of the glasses.

Through the program to accelerate access to technologies, local authorities will support initiatives of this kind with a view to making this production more widespread.

(Image: DR)

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