Niassa to start producing Clinker next August

Niassa province, in the north of the country, will start producing 200,000 tons of clinker a year from next August.

This is the raw material used to produce different types of construction cement, which will be produced on one of the lines at the cement factory in the Chimbonila district of Niassa.

The information was provided by Liu Zhong yu, one of the plant's shareholders, during the Secretary of State's visit to the enterprise.

Quoted by Radio MozambiqueThe source said that to produce clinker, the Chinese company will use limestone, coal, gypsum and sand, which will be taken from the province's demanding deposits, as raw materials.

The Secretary of State in Niassa, Lina Portugal, said that the production of this raw material opens up space for the country to reduce its imports from China, Vietnam and India.

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