Niassa: Rains interrupt train services between Cuamba-Lichinga and Cuamba-Entre-Lagos

Niassa: Chuvas interrompem circulação de comboios entre Cuamba-Lichinga e Cuamba-Entre-Lagos

The circulation of trains between Cuamba-Lichinga and Cuamba-Entre-Lagos, in Niassa province, is interrupted due to the dragging of railway tracks as a result of heavy rain in that province.

A report from the National Institute for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Niassa says that several parts of the two railroads are damaged.

The Minister of Industry and Trade, Silvino Moreno, who heads the Council of Ministers mission mandated by the President of the Republic to verify the impact of the passage of Cyclone Freddy in Niassa, has instructed the administrative authorities to thoroughly survey the damage caused by the cyclone in Niassa, Radio Mozambique reported.

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