Niassa: Farmers rake in millions selling agricultural products

Niassa: Camponeses arrecadam milhões na venda de produtos agrícolas

Farmers will earn more than one hundred million meticais from the sale of five thousand tons of cash and food products in the district of Maúa, in Niassa.

Of this quantity of products, said the Maúa district administrator, quoted by RM, the highlights are tobacco, sesame, soya, cotton, cereals, vegetables and tubers.

Omar Sulaimane pointed out that the district has the potential to produce cash crops, hence his optimism that the target will be achieved.

The source appeals to the population to create food reserves, in order to avoid the registration of hunger pangs resulting from disorderly commercialization.

For the current agricultural season, the Maúa district expects to harvest 180,000 tons of food and income products from an area of more than 27,000 ploughed hectares.

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