Ncondezi projects the solar energy system to start operating this month

Ncondezi projecta para este mês o inicio do funcionamento do sistema de energia solar

Ncondezi Energy Ltd, has updated the progress of its first commercial and industrial battery project in Mozambique.

The company pointed out that it had completed construction of solar panels and that Tesla battery packs and inverters were now in place and installation was underway.

The multinational says it is on track to begin commissioning before the end of June.

Ncondezi noted that the project is the first of its kind in Mozambique. It is targeting the production of 600MWh of power per year and has a 15-year operating agreement and contracted revenues of more than 3.1 million pounds over the life of the project.

According to the company's chief executive, Hanno Pengilly, "All the main equipment is now in place after the Tesla battery packs and inverters arrived last week. The solar panels are now all ready and the installation of the battery packs and inverters is underway."

However, the company also assured that it is looking forward to going live later this month, "as we move one step closer to our first cash flow."

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