Zeca Afonso's song is the new anthem of La Casa de Papel

Música de Zeca Afonso é o novo hino de La Casa de Papel

Portuguese singer, Zeca Afonso's song, Grândola Vila Morena, is part of the fifth season of the Netflix series La Casa de Papel. The anthem of the Carnation Revolution (April 25, 1974) appears reinterpreted by Cecilia Krull, the same one who sings the main song of the series "My Life is Going On."

Zeca Afonso recorded Grândola Vila Morena in 1971, in the famous Château d'Hérouville studio, 30 kilometers from Paris. This song became a symbol of freedom and resistance against the dictatorship three years later, and would be one of the passwords for the Carnation Revolution.

On April 25, 1974, the revolution exploded. The signal for the beginning of the movement rang at midnight over a radio station. The password was a song banned by censorship, Grândula Vila Morena, by Zeca Afonso. In this way, the military caused Marcelo Caetano to be deposed, which resulted in his flight to Brazil. Soon after, General António de Spínola assumed the presidency of Portugal. Consequently, the population took to the streets to celebrate the end of the dictatorship and distributed carnations, the national flower for the Portuguese, to the rebel soldiers in gratitude.

French-Spanish singer Cecilia Krull is in Paris recording her first album, which is expected to include a version of Grândola Vila Morena.

"My record is a personal project with very melodic songs... and Grândola I believe will be on the record," said the singer.

In the first seasons, the anthem of the series was "Bella Ciao" and now comes "Grândola Vila Morena". For Cecília Krull, both songs are "odes to freedom", in the image of a series that presents itself as a manifesto for resistance.

How do you turn an anthem from a peaceful historical revolution into an epic song in a Netflix series?

For Cecilia Krull, the secret is to play with contrast: "it is to contrast such violent images with a song that speaks of freedom and peace," explained the singer, underlining that it is a question that only the director Álex Pina could answer.

And according to Gisela Chaló Gomes, Cecilia Krull's agent in Portugal and Brazil, in "24 hours" the reinterpretation of Grândola Vila Morena was "one of the most searched songs on Youtube".

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