Michael Schumacher's wife "is a prisoner, she can't go anywhere"

Mulher de Michael Schumacher “é uma prisioneira, não pode ir a lado nenhum”

The life of the former German driver and his entire family was turned upside down in 2013, when the seven-time Formula 1 world champion suffered a serious accident while skiing with his son in the Swiss Alps.

Eddie Jordan, former owner of Jordan, Michael Schumacher's first team in Formula 1said in an interview with the English newspaper The SunAccording to a report by SIC Notícias, the former racing driver's wife has been "living like a prisoner" since Schumacher suffered a serious accident on December 29, 2013, while skiing in the Swiss Alps with their son.

"This is a horrible situation for [son] Mick and for Corinna. She hasn't been able to go to a party or out to lunch for 10 years because everyone would ask her about Michael, when she doesn't want to talk about him all the time. She's almost a prisoner," she explained.

Corinna Schumacher imposed the rule that "only family" could visit the former world champion. Eddie was never allowed to visit Schumacher, but says he understands the situation, given the curiosity surrounding the former German driver's medical condition.

"Privacy is crucial in sport, in business and in private life. Corinna set the rules, I've known her for a long time, even before I met Michael [Schumacher]. She's a nice girl, I remember their wedding well. I tried to visit Michael in the early days, but Corinna refused because there were too many people wanting to see him," she said.

The former president of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and Schumacher's team manager in the FerrariJean Todt is one of the few people who can visit the seven-time world champion, something that Eddie Jordan finds "understandable".

"[They] were really close, since the Ferrari days. In my case they told me 'we love you Eddie, we've known you for a long time, but we need privacy and to protect Michael'," he revealed.

Corinna Schumacher rarely speaks publicly about her husband or his state of health, she only did so on the Schumacher" documentary, 2021but always in a vague way.

Schumacher was placed in an induced coma after the accident. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, and little information has since been released about the driver's state of health.

The lack of official updates has left the world curious and speculating about Schumacher's real state of health.

Schumacher was F1 world champion on seven occasions - five titles for Ferrari and two for Benetton - and is considered one of the best drivers of all time.

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