Mozambique to grow by 4.5% this year

Moçambique vai crescer 4,5% este ano

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that the Mozambican economy will grow by 5% this year, along with Guinea-Bissau, the two best among the Portuguese-speaking African countries (PALOP).

The IMF's World Economic Outlook Report presented this week states that Cape Verde will grow by 4.7%, São Tomé and Príncipe by 2.9%, Angola by 2.6% and Equatorial Guinea by 0.5%.

The data provided by the IMF will be published in more detail on Friday, in a specific report for the African continent.

"In sub-Saharan Africa, growth is expected to reach 3.5% this year and 4% in 2025, with the negative effects of climate shocks," he says.

Worldwide, the outlook improved by a tenth to 3.2%, and should remain unchanged next year.

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