Mozambique recorded 48,000 deaths from HIV-AIDS and 97,000 new infections in 2022

Moçambique registou 48 mil óbitos vítimas do HIV-SIDA e 97 mil novas infecções em 2022

At least 48,000 people will die in the country in 2022 from HIV-AIDS and another 97,000 will become infected, according to estimates by the authorities, with around two million on antiretroviral treatment.

The information was released last Friday during the World Aids Day celebrations.

On the occasion, the Minister of Health, Armindo Tiago, revealed that despite the advances in the fight against the AIDS virus, the country has a sero-prevalence rate of 12.5 %, a disease that mostly affects women between the ages of 15 and 29.

For his part, the executive secretary of the National AIDS Council, Francisco Mbofana, said that last year 2.4 million people were living with the disease.

"In 2022, there were 2.4 million Mozambicans living with HIV-AIDS and of these, 98% are adults and then, also last year, we registered 97,000 new infections and 48,000 deaths," said Mbofana, quoted by RFI.

Meanwhile, of the total number of people infected in the country by September 2023, at least 88% knew their status, compared to 36% in the same period in 2010, he said.

In this sense, according to the Minister of Health, due to the availability of antiretroviral treatment, the country has managed to prevent the deaths of around one million people and the vertical transmission of the disease in 330,000 children.

However, Armindo Tiago admits that the figures are the result of the expansion of antiretroviral treatment services in 96% of Mozambique's health facilities, as well as the work carried out, among others, by communities, civil society and health professionals.

The provinces of Maputo, Gaza and Zambézia have the highest number of positive cases of the disease.

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