Mozambique wants to be free of poverty, terrorism and resilient to climate change

The President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, declared this Monday, at a United Nations (UN) event, that the country wants to be free of poverty, discrimination, terrorism and the negative impacts of covid-19, in addition to being resilient to climate change.

"We intend to achieve a country free from poverty, inequality, discrimination, resilient to climate change, and free from terrorism and the negative impact of covid-19," Filipe Nyusi said, via a video message.

Nyusi was one of the participants of the group of African heads of states in the virtual event convened by UN Secretary-General António Guterres on sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The impact of covid-19 "is visible" in Mozambique, beyond the daily numbers of infection and deaths, also by the "slowdown in the economy," the President said, adding that the government has taken restrictive and mitigation measures in addition to the national preparedness and response plan.

Among the measures, the head of state cited the temporary exemption from value-added tax on essential products, reduced energy and water costs for social tariff products, relaxed conditions for credit restructuring, and expanded beneficiaries of social protection programs.

Despite challenges, uncertainties, and limited financial resources, the President of the Republic reiterated the "unequivocal commitment to fully implement the sustainable development goals" and invited everyone to work together towards a quality future.

The Mozambican head of state highlighted 17 areas and SDGs in which the country has committed to a systematic evaluation, improvements that it wants to see implemented by 2030, including in education, drinking water, hunger eradication or decent work.

Towards eradicating hunger (SDG 2 of Agenda 2030), Nyusi highlighted the "Sustenta" smallholder capacity building program, while for the health and well-being of the population (SDG 3), he said that the national health network has become more comprehensive through the "One District, One Hospital" project.

In terms of education, the President welcomed an increase in children attending school and an increase in the use of information and communication technologies.

Filipe Nyusi also talked about the expansion of the supply of drinking water to the communities, under the national program "Water for Life", and the promotion of investments, stimulus to entrepreneurship and development of activities for more employment.

At the opening of this event, entitled "ODS Moment," the UN Secretary-General stressed the importance of unity and cooperation for worldwide recovery after the covid-19 pandemic.

António Guterres called for more investment "in systems that support human development - from education and universal social protection to health care and jobs" and stressed that governments must put the population "first" in budgets and recovery plans.

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