Mozambique may increase gas exports to South Africa

Moçambique poderá incrementar exportações de gás para África do Sul

Mozambique may increase gas exports to South Africa. The subject was on the table at the meeting that brought together, last Friday in Maputo, the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy and his South African counterpart.

Ernesto Max Tonela, as he left the meeting, explained that it is also intended that the gas be used as a resource for regional integration.

"Here we discussed opportunities for concrete investments in the area of energy, to develop in a perspective, not only to serve the Mozambican market, but also in the regional perspective, but taking into account the opportunities for increasing exports to South Africa. We are also working in the perspective of the studies that are being carried out in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), of gas exploitation for regional integration that according to the decision of the SADC Council of Ministers should be approved before the end of Mozambique's presidency in August. Therefore, these are among other projects and the need to have regular meetings at the level of technical teams, to allow us to accelerate the projects we have", he stressed.

 The meeting takes place at a time when Mozambique holds the rotating presidency of the Southern African Development Community.

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